Unleash Your Back-to-School Resilience, Teachers! by Mark Black

A fresh school year is here and soon you will be back, eagerly anticipating a great year, or maybe you’re secretly wishing for a longer summer break. Either way, the time has come to return to the class and do what you can to help the young people in your classes succeed.

You have one of the most difficult jobs there is. I’m the son of two teachers and the husband of a teacher. I also spent seven years as a substitute. I know the struggles and stress that come
with teaching. Undoubtedly, this year will bring its mix of joys and challenges. While you can’t possibly predict every potential issue you will face, we can equip you with some practical tools to build your resilience. Let’s ensure you’re poised to thrive, no matter what comes your way.
The bonus of embodying this approach is that you model it for your students.

Resilience Hack 1: Transform Setbacks into Triumphs

We’ve all experienced those moments when plans veer off course, haven’t we? It’s a universal experience. Yet, here’s where the real magic emerges. Resilience empowers you to flip setbacks into comebacks. Did an unexpected obstacle crop up, or did a mistake catch you off guard? Instead of dwelling on self-criticism, view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Every setback serves as a steppingstone toward something even greater, especially if you use it as a catalyst for growth.

Resilience Hack 2: Cultivate Confidence in You Capacity

When life tosses you a curveball, remember the numerous challenges you’ve already conquered. I’m confident that your journey hasn’t been flawlessly smooth thus far. You’ve navigated countless setbacks and hurdles. Teaching through a global pandemic before, and you’ve emerged stronger! Harness the confidence in your ability to navigate any challenge that comes your way. You are the same person who triumphed over past adversities, and in fact, you’re an enhanced version of that person due to those very experiences. You’ve evolved and expanded since then. You’re more than capable!

Resilience Hack 3: Raise Your Hand

Here’s the truth: you’re not embarking on this journey solo. Resilience isn’t solely about being unyielding; sometimes, it involves having the wisdom to know when to ask for help. We all encounter moments of overwhelm. Requesting help is not a sign of weakness – it’s an emblem
of courage. Lean on your support network. Your colleagues, family, and fellow educators are your allies, prepared to uplift you and help you shine. And rest assured, you’ll reciprocate that support in return.

As this new school year dawns, remember that resilience doesn’t imply invincibility; it signifies growth through challenges and obstacles, resulting in your emergence as an even more robust and wiser individual. Challenges act as checkpoints, and setbacks become springboards for your
resurgence. Everyday ushers in an opportunity to showcase your resilience superpowers.

Keep shining brightly!

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