The Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau (CYSB) is a group of professional Canadian speakers that work together to bring powerful, inspirational and valuable messages to adults and youth across Canada.

The community of speakers that CYSB has curated are some of the best Canadian youth and corporate speakers, nationally recognized, fostering positive, relevant and engaging messaging.

History of CYSB 

CYSB operates under the Peregrine ECE umbrella. 

The decision to form an all Canadian bureau came from Peregrine’s Founder, Head Gardener and CEO, Stu Saunders. As a speaker himself, Stu recognized the need for a bureau that focused on and promoted the Canadian narrative. Our team believes we must shift our focus and begin celebrating successful, inspiring and hardworking Canadians to help foster the next generation of our nation’s leaders.

Each and every speaker on the bureau is Canadian and professional. They come from all different backgrounds; entrepreneurship, entertainment, sports, overcoming obstacles, and physical triumphs.

Simple, Canadians supporting and inspiring Canadians. CYSB is also proud to give back! A percentage of every presentation booked will be given to the Canadian Student Leadership Association (CSLA). We want to ensure the future of Canada is bright!

Each speaker is vetted before being added to the roster and are guaranteed to bring you a professional, empowering and entertaining message. If you feel that the presentation did not meet your expectations we will refund your speech fee in full.

Each speaker is able to travel across Canada for any educational institution, organization, conference, event and/or corporation. They are also all equipped to speak virtually should this meet your needs better. 

For more information, please contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly!