We understand that selecting the right speaker for your event can greatly impact its success; we have put together a set of our most Frequently Asked Questions and have included some booking tips of our own that we would like to share with you!

Should you have additional questions or would like further clarification on the information you see here, please feel free to reach out.

01. How much does a presentation with one of your speakers cost?

All of the members on our Bureau have their own individual speaking rates and charge applicable taxes and (in most cases) incurred travel expense costs are in addition to the programming fee. Some of our speakers charge hourly rates, and some provide daily rates; which include multiple presentations in the same day. The speaker will base the day rate on a set number of shows for your school/conference to utilize as you see fit. For pricing on any specific speaker, please send an email with a detailed description of your event to [email protected] for a proper quote.

02. What will the cost of travel expenses be?

The cost of travel expenses will vary depending on the location where your event will take place, where the speaker will be travelling from, and how many booking parties have been included on the trip. The cost of expenses are estimated based on average costs of the services required at the time of booking. Should the expenses incurred exceed the initial estimate, we reserve the right to bill for the additional costs following the presentation.

If the presentation is within driving distance, the client will be charged mileage and potentially hotel accommodations should the speaker feel it is required. If the speaker will be travelling a further distance; costs that may be incurred by the client include: flights, accommodations, rental car fees, food, etc.

03. How can I save on a speaker for my group?

If you are looking for ways to bring a speaker in on a budget, we highly recommend reaching out to other schools in the area or district to inquire if they would also be interested in hosting a presentation. Approaching with a partner, cuts the cost of a speaker’s travel expenses in half and provides the opportunity for presentation cost sharing, depending on the speaker’s pricing structure in question.

04. How long are the presentations conducted by your speakers?

Most of our speakers have structured their keynote presentations to last for 55-60 minutes. Should you be looking to fulfill a shorter, or longer time period; it is possible to have the speaker modify their original program to suit your scheduling needs.

If you are hosting a workshop with one of our speakers; you can expect the program to run anywhere from 60-90 minutes.

05. Will your speakers customize a presentation to suit my event’s messaging needs?

Yes, our speakers take your event, audience, and needs into consideration when preparing for the presentation; typically moulding their current material to fit the message you are looking to convey. We ask all of our clients to fill out a questionnaire upon booking, documenting any relevant information and their desired outcome from having a speaker.

If you are looking for a fully customized/original presentation; the possibility of having this done depends on the speaker. Designing a brand new presentation requires ample notice and could result in a higher price point.

06. Will I be able to communicate with the speaker directly?

Every speaker is a little bit different; some prefer to discuss content with a client every time a booking has been confirmed, while other speakers prefer to have all communication come through the agent. Should you you wish to talk to the speaker directly, please let your agent know.

07. Do you allow audio or videotaping of the speakers’ presentation?

In most cases, our bureau members are fine with being recorded if they have been notified beforehand; including this in your initial request is appreciated. While most do not mind recording; we do ask on behalf of our speakers that our clients not record the presentation in full.

08. Do you also book corporate events?

While much of our business is done with youth in schools across Canada; we can also provide speakers for corporate, non-profit and community presentations, to people of all ages. Depending on the age of your participants and your topic of interest, we would match you with the right speaker to fit your needs.