Turn Your Pain into Power!

As a motivational speaker and author, I continuously have self-reflection within myself. As a mother, my children will ask me, “Mom are you talking to yourself?” and my swift response is, “Umm, yeah, sometimes I need expert advice.”

When someone asks me why you do what you do for a living. My answer is simple, my goal in life is to be the woman that I wish I had when I was younger.

Have you ever had an aha moment? Well, that is my consistent one. That is why I say, I turned my pain into power.

For how long was I really going to blame the absence of my mother for my choices in life?

At some point, I had to take responsibility. I couldn’t just sit in my sorrows and blame everyone around me.

That’s when I said, nothing happened to me, it happened for me! From early hood childhood molestation to gang culture. It is apart of my testimony.

It’s a part of my story. Isn’t it funny when you realize that you’re the writer of your journey? It makes you want to wake up fast to change the ending doesn’t it lol.

I turned my pain into power by holding myself accountable, growing through my pain, and letting go of the character of trauma that I took on in my earlier years.

Speaking to youth, young adults and leaders is my passion, because I understood my purpose and I stepped in my calling.

You should do the same. We can get confused between the process and the result. The moment you say your life will change it will. It’s all about consistency, understanding that those days and nights that you question yourself will happen, but it’s temporary.

You are the narrator of your life. Stop letting others hold the pen. 


Christene Lewis