Inclusive Classrooms

Creating an inclusive classroom environment is important for a successful and enjoyable learning experience for all students. An inclusive classroom provides a safe and supportive atmosphere for students regardless of their backgrounds and abilities.

Here are three ways educators can promote an inclusive classroom: 

1. Incorporate diversity into the curriculum. Diversity should be embedded throughout the curriculum, not just limited to special days or activities. Teachers can introduce topics such as cultural history, literature, and art that represent various ethnicities, and encourage conversations around these topics to foster understanding and awareness (Knafo, 2017).

 2. Foster meaningful relationships. Building relationships with students is essential for creating an inclusive classroom. Educators should take the time to get to know their students and establish a culture of respect and acceptance. This can be achieved through activities, discussions, and interactions that encourage meaningful dialogue and understanding (Hoover, 2017). 

3. Use technology and multimedia. Technology can be used to enhance the classroom experience and create a more inclusive environment. Educators can use videos, podcasts, and online resources to support different learning styles and help students understand various perspectives (Lopez, 2017). 

Creating an inclusive classroom is an ongoing process. Educators need to be aware of the various backgrounds and abilities of their students and take steps to ensure that everyone feels supported and respected. By taking these steps, educators can create an environment that promotes inclusion and acceptance. 

Since my daughter Brynn was born in 2012 and identified with have Down Syndrome, I have dedicated my life to learning about inclusion practices and implementing this learning daily. I believe by being a lifelong learner we can enhance the learning experience for not only the student and guardian but the teacher. 

If your school or organization is interested in learning how I can serve your community, please reach out to the team at Peregrine. 

Yours in Inclusion,

Nick Foley  


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