Nick Foley

Keynote speaker, Facilitator, Teacher, Coach, Entrepreneur

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


How Do You Want to Be Remembered? - High School/Post Secondary/Corporate

Nick will leave both your student and teacher audiences inspired to take action as he speaks about the journey he and his family are on to create an inclusive environment for his daughter.

This message is illustrated through real life stories that will leave the audience laughing as well as thinking about the legacy they are creating. This presentation illustrates that inclusion without bias is what will fundamentally contribute to eradicating hate and building a lasting inclusive culture in your work community. Nick pulls from the life lessons he learned while cycling 8312 km from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NFLD on his Move for Inclusion journey to raise awareness about Inclusion. Nick shares with the audience that if ‘your why for doing something is big enough, then the how you do it will always show up.’ He shares practical approaches to fostering the most inclusive work place possible by offering insights and tips on how to propagate a diverse workplace through his years of working in the inclusion and diversity space.

Teaching the Exceptional Child - Teachers, teacher colleges, teacher conferences

This workshop is for teachers K-12 and is centred around how to make your classroom inclusive, as well as how to effectively communicate with the parents of the exceptional children in your classroom. Nick brings years of teaching experience, as well as being a Dad to his daughter Brynn who has Down Syndrome. This insightful workshop will give teachers the tools to effectively communicate with students as well as parents. (Ideal for teachers and students in Teachers college)

The Cadence Effect - Corporate, High School College Workshop

Nick will work with your business or organization on how to align your aspirations with application as well as how to measure days and months, so you are getting the most out of each day.

Nick offers 2-hour, half-day and full-day options ideal for all types of businesses, organizations and teachers. 


Speaker Testimonials

“Nick’s talk was straight from the heart. Bayside students were riveted during his story about Brad and participated wholeheartedly during the interactive parts of the presentation. I believe that the overall message of the importance of responsible decision making truly resonated with students. Nick’s youthful enthusiasm and ability to connect with his audience were amazing!”

Emily Young - Bayside High School

“Nick was an overwhelming hit and was able to reach our students with his interactive and engaging approach.He has a unique ability to connect with students and staff and inspire them to be instruments of change. Nick’s presentation struck a chord with our students in a personal and reflective manner. His message will follow our students for many years to come. At the end, our students walked away feeling empowered to take a stand against bullying and positively impact our community.”

Gloria Hackett - ST Theresa's Catholic Secondary

“We need to say “Thank You.” You were perfect timing, and you spoke, touched and changed many lives yesterday. Our senior teachers have said it was the best message in their long careers. “

Daniel, Teacher, Sussex High School
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