Nadia Ladak

Youth Entrepreneurship Speaker and Co-Founder and CEO of Marlow

Topics: College and Career Prep, Entrepreneurship, Environmental and Global Issues, Motivation and Inspiration, Women's Leadership
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


Keynote - Becoming a Youth Entrepreneur: Finding a Problem You're Passionate About Solving (High School, University, Corporate)

In this keynote, Nadia discusses her journey building her startup Marlow from a school project to a fast growing investor backed startup. She candidly shares her experience as a young entrepreneur and how it all stemmed from finding a problem she was determined to solve. Students will walk away feeling inspired and motivated to think about how they can tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Keynote - Finding a Non-Traditional Career Path: Becoming a Youth Entrepreneur at 22 (High School, University)

In high school and university, there is a lot of pressure to find the “perfect” career path. After switching from a music degree to a business program, and going from management consulting to starting her own business, Nadia shares her career journey with students and shows them that it’s ok to not know what’s next. This inspiring and motivating talk will ensure students walk away with key insights on how to decide what’s next for them.

Keynote - Embracing Fear

Nadia started her career working in a stable corporate job. Just one year later, she quit that cushy job to jump in to work full-time on her startup Marlow. This talk goes through Nadia’s entrepreneurial journey, her lessons learned, and how she embraced fear throughout her entire time as a 25 year old entrepreneur.

Keynote - Building a Community-Driven Brand (Corporate)

Designed for corporate professionals, this keynote covers what it takes to build a digitally savvy brand perfect for the modern Gen Z consumer. Through organic content marketing and effective storytelling, Nadia has grown her startup Marlow’s online community to 50,000 individuals. In this workshop, she will share the key principles to building a strong online presence around your brand.

Workshop - Navigating the Innovation Process

In this interactive workshop, students or corporate professionals will go through a design-thinking workshop and explore all of the principles of innovation. After this workshop, individuals will feel empowered to think differently, identify problems in their workplaces or schools, and go through a process to find effective solutions.


Speaker Testimonials

“Nadia openly shares her journey as a young entrepreneur and it’s truly so inspiring. Our students are still talking about it and some have already emailed her about potential internship opportunities because they want to work for Marlow! They were all just so moved by her story.”

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