Maryanne Oketch

CBS Survivor Winner and Storyteller

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience, Women's Leadership
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Elementary, Faith-Based, Middle/High School, University/College


Playing the Game of Life

On the 42nd season of Survivor, Maryanne played a game that allowed her to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast the other contestants and gain the title of Sole Survivor. But what skillset did Maryanne use to achieve her success, and are they useful outside of the microcosm of Survivor? In this talk, Maryanne will discuss how what strategies she used to succeed, and show how the skillset of survivor can be transferred into your everyday life.

Embracing Fear

Everyone is afraid of something. When we think about fear, we usually think of fears that can be easily avoided, such as the fear of heights, spiders, or public speaking. What is not usually talked about are the fears that may affect the way you navigate your professional development, such as the fear of failure, or even the fear of making the wrong decision. If we are unprepared when we encounter these fears, we might let opportunities slip away. In this talk, Maryanne will share her experiences about facing her fears, both big and small, and will empower those who are listening to acknowledge their fears and conquer them.

Anti-Black Racism

As we become more aware of the inequalities that members of minority communities face, it is important to understand what the systemic issues are that lead to injustice. In this talk, Maryanne will draw from her personal life experiences to help break down what anti-black racism is and explain the subtle effects anti-black racism has in media, institutions, and in personal life.

Overcoming Adversity

What is Adversity? Drawing from experiences from her life, Maryanne will explore what Adversity is, and will provide the audience with tools and strategies that they can use to succeed in any situation that they might face.

Authenticity and Being True to Yourself

When growing up, we are always told to be our authentic self, and to be who we are, but what does that mean? Drawing from her experiences in life, Maryanne will explore the ways that you can discover your true personality, and allow yourself to shine in whatever situation that you are placed in.

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