Kwame Osei

Former CFL Player, Amazing Race Finalist, Resilience, Mental Health and DEI expert

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Mental Health, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College



Kwame uses the art of storytelling from his life to inspire his audience to overcome the adversity in life. Kwame urges his audience to understand that after stress comes success and from struggle comes strength. Kwame teaches his audience tools to help manage change and uncertainty. Kwame has learned this through the course of his life, as he overcame the negative environment he lived in. He overcame the stereotypes placed on him, countless situations in which he could have easily lost his life or been incarcerated. Kwame believes that perspective is everything and having the right mindset can change your inner and outer world. Kwame urges his audiences to not only find their passion but to also place themselves in the right environment to truly grow to their full potential. Find out how Kwame turned his obstacles into triumphs and turned lead into gold.

Keynote/Workshop: DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION (Teens and Adults)

In this presentation Kwame will dive into personal stories involving inclusion and diversity. Kwame will breakdown macroaggressions using his personal experiences while also teaching his audience to be aware of macroaggressions and unconscious bias. Kwame opens up about the trauma inducing experiences he has had in his life due to race and discrimination and the negative impact it has had on his mental health. In this presentation Kwame thoroughly explains what an inclusive work space looks like, and he teaches his audience how to create a diverse environment in order to produce cultural competence and cultural understanding. Book Kwame now and find out how you can create a culture that permeates inclusion and diversity.

Keynote/Workshop: MINDSET HACK - GROWTH MINDSET (Teens and Adults)

Kwame will help his audience understand that the differences between successful people and unsuccessful people is simply the way they perceive the events of life. Kwame acknowledges that dealing with internal and external change can be difficult and hard to manage. Kwame will teach his audience how to embrace change and find comfort in the midst of chaos. In this presentation Kwame will breakdown the importance of having a growth mindset and how your life can be completely altered in a positive way if you choose to have a positive mindset. In order to overcome adversity you must have a growth mindset which will build the resilience you need to never give up when life becomes challenging. Kwame passionately believes that perception is everything in life. Book Kwame now and find out how his perception helped him at critical times in his life.


There are many young learners who fall through the cracks of the education system, these learners are often the ones who can be deemed frustrating and challenging to work with for educators. Kwame was once this child and almost fell through the cracks however today Kwame has gone on to become an educator. He has worked in education for a school board for 8 years in Alberta and now teaches at a Federal Maximum Penitentiary in Ontario. Kwame compares and contrasts the duality of these experiences and provides educators with a new perspective on how to approach the unconventional learner.


In this impactful presentation, Kwame Osei bravely shares his own mental health journey, shedding light on the importance of prioritizing mental well-being. With a compassionate understanding of the impact of traumatic experiences, Kwame equips his audience with practical tools to support their mental health. Kwame recognizes the prevalence of silent battles with anxiety, stress, and depression in our society. With heartfelt conviction, he emphasizes the critical need for individuals to have someone to talk to, as the silence surrounding mental health struggles can be the most detrimental. Kwame aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and dismantle the stereotypes that have deceived us. He offers solutions for individuals on how to better manage themselves and their peers amidst any crisis.

Kwame Osei opens a conversation about mental health, providing a safe and supportive space for his audience to address their own struggles from an unbias, real and relatable perspective. Through his empathetic approach, he encourages individuals to prioritize their mental well-being, offering actionable strategies and resources to nurture their mental health. He brings attention to the necessary actions and mindsets we can take to transform mental health and prioritize it in our lives. Through a preventative approach, break the silence, remove the stigma, and create a society that values and supports mental well-being. Take the first step toward a healthier and happier future by prioritizing your mental health to reduce the negative impacts it causes in our life.

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