Christene Lewis

Motivational Speaker, Author and Leadership & Inclusion Coach

Topics: Improving Social Climate and School Culture, Mental Health, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience, Women's Leadership
Audiences: Corporate, Middle/High School, University/College


That I Am Keynote (Youth from 14-18 and College/University)

This keynote presentation focuses on accepting yourself. I share my story of resilience, truth and taking back my narrative through accountability.- Youth and young adults leave feeling empowered, valued and allowing themselves to give themselves a chance a life and freedom by taking their pain and turning it into their power.

Resiliency and Perseverance Keynote (Youth from 14-18 and College/University)

This keynote focuses on taking the words that others have thrown that you and building your empire. This keynote allows youth and young adults realize there is a difference between starting from scratch and starting fresh. When you start from scratch you’re starting with no foundation and just going with your vision, but when you start fresh, you’re starting with lessons not failures. Allowing yourself to make mistakes and rise behind the blinded eye.

#IAm Workshop (Youth from 14-21)

This workshop focuses on youth be able to express and identify themselves. Understanding pain, trauma through self recognition allows youth to grow and be confident and walk within their truths regardless of their socio-economic background and mesosystem.

Lyrics to my Life Workshop (Youth from 14-21)

Bridges the gap of communication with adults and youth through music, like spoken word, rap, poetry) Take away will be the youth feeling heard and the adults coming together with their students/mentees and building a positive and strength based education/social emotional program that fits their needs.

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