Alison Springer

Youth Engagement Specialist & Founder of Young Women of Power

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Improving Social Climate and School Culture, Leadership Development, Mental Health, Motivation and Inspiration, Stress and Anxiety Management, Women's Leadership
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Elementary, Faith-Based, Middle/High School, University/College


Mirror Mirror – ALL School Assembly (50 minute Presentation)

Mirror Mirror is an entertaining presentation with a powerful message that inspires students to lead by embracing who they are and how they were made. Alison helps students expose the ‘lying mirrors’ in their lives and the three causes that distort how they view themselves (media, comparison and things that people say). Students will learn positive and helpful ways to protect their dignity and the dignity of others. Alison shares some of the struggles she faced being black, tall and loud, along with her academic struggles. Students will realize that their strengths and weaknesses serve a specific purpose.

Addresses topics around: self-image, personal confidence, celebrating diversity, verbal bullying and student leadership.

Wait For It: Celebrating Personal Diversity – ALL School Assembly (50 Minute Presentation)

‘You are the way you are for a reason, just wait for it’ is the main message of this talk. Everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves. For some the list runs long. In this session, Alison shares her personal story about the four things she wished she could change about herself and how those things today have been to her advantage. Her humourous and relatable story will have students reflect on their own lives with great hope and promise opening their eyes to see that the things they despise will help them to rise…Just wait for it.

Topics addressed include: Ethnic diversity, self-image, confidence, academic challenges, family, self-dignity, life challenges and struggles, hope, patience, contentment, and destiny.

Proud to Be Pink – Girls Only Talk (50 minute Presentation)

Alison shares her love hate relationship with the colour pink. As an athlete, and having joined the military, the colour pink and what it represented wasn’t anything she wanted to be associated with. In this presentation Alison redefines what the colour pink represents, revealing the negative labels that have hindered girls from celebrating and being proud to be their unique self. After attending this presentation girls will leave with a restored sense of Female Pride, viewing other females as allies rather than enemies.

Topics addressed include: Self-Image, Comparison, Why Girls Don’t Get Along (Bullying), Helping Girls Find their Voice and the importance of their contribution to society.

Speaking Up Leads to Safe Spaces

This interactive session supports student’s desire to be courageous and do the right thing. Alison facilitates a conversation with students, addressing issues within their student body along with hindrances that keep them from speaking up in order to keep their school and community a safe place for all. After attending this session students will know what to do and what to say if they witness a problem in their school, in their community or online to keep spaces safe.

Topics addressed include:

– Leadership
– Doing what is right even when it’s hard
– Courage
– Value of others
– Reporting vs. snitching
– Speaking up.


Speaker Testimonials

“Alison encouraged us never to compare ourselves with others because it may have a negative impact on our confidence and self esteem. She explained that everyone has a strength that is useful and important regardless of what others have to say, we just have to wait for it and we will someday see it become a reality.”

Mariam, Student, Lester B. Pearson High School, Calgary, AB

“We as staff knew that Alison would be able to deliver not only an entertaining and creative speech, but also a relevant message to our graduating class. Alison even wore the dress that one of our students made for her, which pleasantly surprised both the staff and the students. Alison captured the entire audience attention with her energetic personality, enthusiasm and passion.”

Amanda Depner, Teacher – Graduation Coordinator, Jack James High School, Calgary, AB

“We at Jack James would not hesitate to recommend Alison Springer as a motivational speaker to any school group. Her warmth and genuine interest in students permeates her presentation style and affects all in attendance. Thank you Alison for going above and beyond for us.”

Michele Konschuh, Acting Assistant Principal, Jack James Senior High School, Calgary, Alberta Canada

“Alison relates to where the students are in their teenaged years. The idea that those ‘flaws’ will one day empower them is a wonderful message.”

Ryan Hanley, Teacher - Coordinator, British Columbia Student Leadership Conference 2019
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