Heather Moyse

Heather Moyse

Heather Moyse is one of Canada’s great multi-sport athletes. A four-time Olympian in two-man Bobsleigh,  Heather won gold at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, and again at the 2014 Games in Sochi. Before she  was an Olympic champion, Heather was a mainstay on Canada’s Senior Women’s Rugby Team. Heather led  Canada to silver in the 2013 Rugby Sevens World Cup, and was the top try scorer in the 2006 and 2010  Women’s Rugby World Cups. In 2016, Heather became only the second Canadian, and first Canadian female,  to be inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame. Heather represented Canada in a third international sport in  2012, when she placed Top Five in two events at the Pan-Am Track Cycling Championships in Argentina.

And in 2016, before deciding to compete for her fourth Olympic Games in 2018 at 39, Heather climbed  Antarctica’s highest peak, Mount Vinson, as part of an expedition to support the members of the Canadian  Armed Forces.

Heather’s energetic and authentic approach keeps her audiences engaged and captivated from  start to finish. 

The qualities it takes to be successful as an athlete are the same qualities it takes to be successful in any  aspect of life – to successfully manage change, face challenges, and overcome obstacles to achieve one’s  goals. With Heather’s background – as a high-performance multi-sport athlete and with a master’s degree in  occupational therapy – she is perfectly qualified to help individuals, groups, and organizations shift their  perspective and propel them forward towards their desired outcomes.

Some of her past clients include TEDx, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Student Leadership  Conference, the Ontario Student Leadership Conference, University of Waterloo, Atlantic Women in Law  Enforcement, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and the Ontario Teachers Federation. Heather has also spoken at  the “WE Believe” event for over 3000 youth in the Maritimes and the “Leadership to the MAX” event with  leadership expert, John Maxwell for 6000 high school students

Her best-selling book Redefining ‘Realistic’ was released in 2017.



“Unlikely, but Possible” 

How is it that some talented and gifted people never live up to or learn to maximize their potential? Never feel  fulfilled? Never achieve more than what is expected of them? Heather Moyse knows. As a three-sport National  athlete, four-time Olympian, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and certified occupational therapist, Heather has  learned through her experiences in helping herself and others achieve at the highest levels that the qualities it  takes to be successful as an athlete are the same qualities it takes to be successful in any occupation or

industry – none of which have anything to do with physical strength or stamina. In this presentation, Heather  reveals the four essential elements needed to succeed – four critical elements required for her to reach the top  of the Olympic podium and anyone to overcome their obstacles and achieve at the highest level of  performance, success, and fulfillment.

When you develop a champion mindset, you will be unstoppable!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Four key elements necessary in maximizing your potential – achieving your highest level of  performance, fulfillment, and success.
  • How the power of perspective can inspire and empower you to discover that you are capable of much  more than you think.
  • How even the most unlikely goals can be possible if you break them down and push forward with no  regrets.
  • How one’s choices determine not only our level of fulfillment, but also the impact we have on those  around us.
  • The key to being a true leader.


Shift Thoughts. Shift Outcomes: Power of Perspective

Obstacles or Opportunities: Changes and Challenges

Choices and Consequences: No Regrets

Create Your Actionable Plan: #1 Goal-Mapping

Pursue With a Champion Mindset: #2 Goal-Setting


  • ""Rarely do I hear a speaker who connects as well to an audience as Heather does. I’ve seen her flourish in the world of speaking and help tens of thousands of people see their potential by sharing her unique perspectives.”"John C. Maxwell, Author & Int’ Leadership Expert
  • "“You were so inspiring and really helped me put things in perspective. I am a grade 12 grad so it has been a challenge, but hearing motivation really helps bring some positivity! Thank you.”"Sarah Madeyski, Grade 12 Student, Calgary
  • "“I just wanted to tell you how much your message inspired me today. It is something I will continue to take with me from now on throughout life.""Natalie_Penton, Grade 11, Newfoundland

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