Stu Saunders

Stu Saunders

Since 1991 Stu has been traveling North America delivering inspirational and hilarious speeches to over 2 million people in every province, the Yukon, across Europe and over 40 American states.

In 2005, Stu was awarded the Canadian Leader of Distinction award recognizing him for his contributions to youth leadership in Canada.

In 1999 he was tagged as one of North America’s funniest young comedians. Stu also has been named one of the top 30 leadership trainers and facilitators in the world, a list that includes Stephen Covey, Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins.

Stu Saunders is the founder and owner of Youth Leadership Camps Canada (YLCC), a summer camp and a full service leadership training centre. Stu runs the largest multi day leadership conference in Canada, the Ontario Student Leadership Conference (OSLC).

In 2006 Stu partnered with Robin Sharma who is the founder of one of the worlds most recognized leadership development firms; Sharma Leadership International ( This has been a treasured and exciting journey for Stu as Robin Sharma is one of the most influential and inspirational individuals in the world of leadership.

Stu has been known for his ability to inspire and connect with the youth and he strives to provoke positive change. He exudes courage and strength with his persona and somehow targets the true inner self within all those that he interacts with.

Stu is the proud single father of three wonderful children.

    When Stu isn’t travelling working on his many leadership pursuits, he resides in Lambton Shores, Ontario.

Stu Saunders Speech Titles & Descriptions

Take the Risk, Get Involved! Don’t be afraid of looking STU-pid!
High school provides a tremendous opportunity for people to get involved in a wide range of activities. Unfortunately, the fear of looking silly or “stupid” in front of friends prevents some from participating. Students may not attend school events, put their hand up in class or avoid joining groups or teams because of this fear of failure. Stu takes a hilarious look at growing up and experiencing the everyday challenges of being young. Sometimes how you look seems more important then how you feel. Through true-life stories and lots of laughter, Stu helps students and teachers to rethink how they may be approaching their daily lives. Getting involved in school and in life makes it more rewarding and more enjoyable.

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Leadership NOW
How corporations and organizations choose to prepare themselves and their organization today for a rapidly changing world tomorrow. The times are changing, are we?

Stu Saunders is ranked in the top 20 leadership experts in the world today. Pretty powerful stuff… He takes his audience on an impactfull journey that takes a very serious look at what leadership truly is. In our busy corporate life we tend to get caught up in promotion rather then presence. It can be linked to a number of personal choices that leaders make each day. Who they choose to associate with and the decisions that they make, directly affect the outcome of who we are to our colleagues, families and friends. This power point assisted program is a real solid look at what it takes not only to be a leader in a rapidly changing world, but how to make a difference. How do we embrace new attitudes and technologies with out losing the pillars of leadership that have been tested through out our history.

Stu also uses his famous humour and real life stories to drive all of his point’s home and keep the audience engaged through out.

Length: 60 – 75 minutes

Carpe Diem – Seize Today
That’s right, not yesterday or some future day, but TODAY!
Too often people of ALL ages wait for something to happen before they decide to make a change or a choice. Stu’s keynote program challenges us with powerful examples of people who seize today. His true-life stories are hilarious, thoughtful and full of adventure. Stu encourages his audiences to stop worrying about what they look like amongst their friends and co-workers. He encourages them to start living each day, each hour, each minute, and each second to the fullest!
Stu knows what today’s busy youth and adults are experiencing. He has been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1992. His work has him traveling North America with his speaking programs while organizing youth camps and conferences back home. Stu has created websites, companies, and a national magazine for young leaders! All of this while balancing the commitments of being a single father of 3 young children. Stu adjusts his program based on these experiences so that it relates perfectly to his audiences! Carpe Diem is perhaps one of the most overused phrases in leadership and self-improvement circles. Stu puts a realistic spin on its translation so that everyone can relate to it. So go ahead, don’t just seize any day… SEIZE TODAY!

Length: 45 – 75 minutes

*Stu is no longer available for in-school presentations


  • "They say a great presenter “leaves them wanting more”. Well, we loved your presentation and the entire team asked me when you will be back! You are truly STUpendous!"Nancy Klensch - Founder of Summit Kids
  • "I really liked how the speech really just seemed like Stu was telling us funny stories, but he always related it back to the overall message. It didn’t sound like a speech at all, it was as if he was just talking to the crowd. I would say that he is excellent in connecting with the audience and keeping them entertained. There was not a two minute period in Stu’s speech were nobody was laughing. He kept us amused throughout the entire presentation. I thought he was perfect."James Palleto
  • "I would highly recommend Stu, his engaging personality was a real hook for the students and his messages were ones that many of them could identify with. The humour was great and the students shared that they enjoyed the presentation."Teresa Fowler - W.H. Croxford High School, Airdrie, Alberta
  • "Stu is personable. Students are willing to listen to him. They enjoy listening to him. He has a message, but he is also entertaining. He is fun to listen to and students don’t feel talked down to or preached at."Tanya Lacey - McKinnon Park Secondary School, Caledonia, ON

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