Fahd Alhattab

Fahd Alhattab

A former at-risk child turned leader and entrepreneur, Fahd Alhattab’s mission is to enable people to drive change, build their dreams, and embrace leadership.

Though still a youth, Fahd launched a camp for underprivileged kids; raised more than 1.2 million dollars for Ottawa charities; and spoke at National We Day, Count Me In and many other youth collectively now over 22,000 people! His savvy skills and off-beat attitude landed him Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Award in 2013.

He proved himself an entrepreneur while completing two terms as the President of Carleton University Students’ Association and representing 25,000 students at all government levels. He founded the Hatch Centre, 15 student startups, and raised more than $200,000 in seed capital while also managing a team of 150 staff and an eight-million-dollar budget. Post-graduation, Fahd launched a tech-startup that raised thousands of dollars through a crowdfunding campaign.

Fahd has built a reputable career in leadership development, motivational speaking, and creative fundraising. With a fun demeanour and a background in youth work, Fahd entertains and engages the audience, and leaves them feeling empowered to be the leaders of today – not tomorrow.

    When Fahd isn’t travelling and speaking, he calls Ottawa, Ontario home.

Fahd Alhattab Speech Titles & Descriptions

*NOTE: All of Fahd’s presentations have the available option to add an additional interactive workshop, focusing on the themes and messages throughout the keynote; should you want to continue the fun!

Eat your dry Mac & Cheese!
In this inspiring, humorous and engaging keynote, Fahd will inspire your students to make a positive impact in their school, organization or community. Fahd takes them through a personal journey where he coaches youth on fundamental leadership principles, digs deep into the topics of school and community culture while empowering them with the tools to take action and create remarkable positive impact in their community. Whether the problem is school bullying, drugs and alcohol, or a mental health crisis; Every student can be a leader today.

Youth Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship has gained popularity and many youths see it as a viable career path; but what is an entrepreneur? An artist, a speaker, a coder, an engineer, an athlete, a youth worker or a youtube streamer can all be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs seek to solve problems by creating unique solutions. Fahd will engage your students, teaching them how they can solve problems within their community as creative, social, and innovative entrepreneurs Fahd’s youth worker background and silly demeanour will have you students cracking at his jokes, engaged by his stories, and left empowered to be leaders.

Untold Habits of Disruptive Leaders & Original Thinkers
Disruption and Leadership might seem like opposing forces, but in today’s age, they go hand in hand. For leaders (real leaders) to innovate and lead in unchartered waters, they have to develop the habits that pave the way for disruption, and innovation. Learn how you can apply these habits and develop a creator and entrepreneurial mindset that will lead you to more creative problem solving, constant flow of original thinking, and overall increased effectiveness in your everyday life. (For advanced leadership programs)

Live Your Best Life
In this inspiring, humorous and engaging keynote, Fahd will inspire your students to live their best life. Fahd takes them through his personal journey of chasing success. Running from one successful project to the next and always searching for more ways to help as many people as he can. Fahd finds himself succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. Becoming obsessed with the idea of success and the mission of helping more people, Fahd takes on bigger endeavours that inevitably come crashing down. Learning the hard way, Fahd now takes a fun, dynamic and unique approach to challenge your student’s minds about the importance of self-leadership and self-care (mental and physical) on their journey of enormous success.

5 Levels of Student Leadership
In this inspiring and practical keynote, Fahd engages your students with humour, stories and gives them insight into maximizing their leadership potential. Fahd takes your students through a personal journey of student leadership, from his time as Gr. 8 class president, to High School Co-president, and his journey as the President Carleton University Students’ Union. Fahd’s first hand experience of student leadership shapes this engaging keynote with applicable tools and lessons for your students to grow in their leadership journey and increase their community impact. Fahd introduces students to the 5 levels of leadership that student must climb to achieve their maximum potential while building on a foundation of self-leadership.

Leadership Lessons from Failures
Flipping the script on it’s head, Fahd engages your students with thrilling stories of leadership triumph that ultimately end in failures and disasters. Instead of the typical keynote, where an accomplished individual engages students in their stories of success, Fahd chooses instead to share with students the lessons and hardships that come with failures, with the goal of shedding light to some of the inevitable set backs that students will face on their student leadership journey. Throughout his humours and inspiring stories, Fahd shares the lessons that came along the way, and provides practical tools and strategies for your students to succeed.

Specialty Workshop
Building Leaders Through Community Impact Today

Fahd’s vision and approach are about getting more youth meaningfully engaged in their community, and actively looking for opportunities to create impact and solve problems. The goal of this workshop is simple: to get students to take action on an issue or opportunity that they care about.

It is through taking action, developing plans, building teams, and trying to impact our communities that we genuinely develop as leaders and not merely through talking about leadership and doing fun leadership activities. We engage youth to connect with a civic issue: something which matters to them (e.g. cost of bus passes, lack of employment, sexism), and have them do something about it! By building on the strengths of their community, we develop an Action Plan, with clear goals and objectives that create a positive impact on the school and community and show them to tools and resources to become leaders today.

Youth develop awareness campaigns, fundraisers, events, petitions, online forums, clubs and more to directly impact their fellow community members.

When youth are empowered to take action on critical challenges in their communities, they develop the skills, confidence and naturally learn to lead.


  • "We have used Fahd for several events when we wanted to make in impact with the message we asked him to share. He has a natural charisma, the charm of youth, and a wisdom that exceeds his years. When our students hear him speak, they are enamoured with his storytelling, as they are inspired to dream about how they can shape their lives and the world around them. " John Unsworth, Head of Student Services, Nepean High School
  • "Fahd was incredible. His life stories were relevant, engaging and humorous. His overall delivery was exceptional. In fact, the very best that I have seen in my 38 years in education. As a school team, we are putting a huge focus on student leadership. Fahd said that yes, he could help us. He delivered tenfold -The staff and the students were so positive about the hour spent with Fahd! A super rock star presenter!"Cindy Beauchamp, Principal, Queen Mary Public School
  • "Fahd Alhattab is still one of the greatest, inspirational, and thoughtful people I have heard speak to this day. #stillblownaway "Abby Wood, Student
  • "We were incredibly lucky to have Fahd Alhattab as our guest speaker for the WCSS leadership camp. Fahd spoke to us about his journey to success, strategies he has used to achieve what he has today, and how we can create our legacy. The presentation was a perfect balance between humour, personal stories and life-long messages. It was a presentation to be remembered by all! "Francine Menna, Teacher, West Carleton Secondary School

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