Cody Deaner

Cody Deaner

Cody’s story involves overcoming adversity, setting goals, striving to be a positive influence, and putting in the work in order to achieve your dreams. Since a very young age, Cody dared to dream BIG.

Cody grew up in a small beachside hamlet along Lake Erie with a population of less than 200 people. Cody strived to dream BIG despite coming from a small place; and struggled to overcome the temptations of drug and alcohol, while growing up in a home riddled with alcohol abuse and psychological disorders.

At the age of 5, Cody had one goal… to one day wrestle in the same ring as his childhood hero – Hulk Hogan. Despite his smaller size, and a high school guidance counsellor who told him not to pursue a career in professional wrestling, Cody achieved his dream and eventually wrestled for the largest wrestling company in North America, the WWE. He even got the chance to perform in the same ring as his hero, Hulk Hogan.

Cody went on to wrestle on television for millions of viewers in the second largest wrestling company in North America – Total NonStop Action Wrestling. Cody believes that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,”  which he knows about firsthand. He tells the intense story of the day he almost died in the ring with millions of people around the world watching from their homes.

Despite all of these obstacles, Cody still wrestles around the world, but he now gets to do it as  his own boss. Cody speaks to youth about the power of positivity and perseverance. His goal is to focus on being a positive influence and tell stories about the power of positivity and doing so while wrestling alongside his other childhood wrestling heroes, such as Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, and Rey Mysterio.

Cody dares youth to dream BIG… because he definitely did… and he still does.

    When Cody isn’t travelling to wrestle and speak, he resides in Southwestern Ontario.

Cody Deaner Speech Titles & Descriptions

*NOTE* All Topics can be altered, blended, and transformed to fit the specific needs of the school/organization. Cody strives to make each presentation special and unique to his audience.

Dare to Dream BIG
In this engaging presentation, Cody tells stories of his humble beginnings in a small rural town where he had the dream to one day be like his hero – Hulk Hogan. He will share a lesson with his audiences that he learned as a youth aspiring to achieve this dream … “You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be” is a lie. Cody learned that the truth is “You can be whatever you want to be … if you’re willing to put in the work.”

Cody tells the story of his gruelling initiation into professional wrestling and the day he finally made his dreams a reality and wrestled in the same ring as his childhood hero. He goes on to explain that you don’t have to be in the “big time” to make a “big difference.”

Youth take away the realization that the size of their dreams should not be limited to the size of their town or other people’s expectations. (45-60 mins in length)

The Power of Perseverance
In this passionate presentation, Cody focuses on the power of persevering through hardship. He tells stories of his childhood, which was riddled with alcohol abuse and psychological disorders. Despite these hardships, Cody dared to dream big.

Cody was told by his high school guidance counsellor that pursuing his big dream of being a professional wrestler wasn’t realistic because he was small in size and it would be too hard to achieve. Cody quickly learned that while it would be hard work, he was willing to take the chance. He went on to achieve his goals despite the forces working against him.

Youth take away the realization that their circumstances don’t have to dictate their actions. We all have the power to persevere if we put enough passion and drive into achieving our dreams. (45-60 mins in length)

The Power of Influence
In this persuasive presentation, Cody talks about the cycle of influence. Whether we are influenced by positive or negative forces, we can choose to continue that cycle or choose to change it.

Cody shares stories of the negative influences he had on his life at a very young age, and a chance meeting in the 9th grade that changed the trajectory of his life forever.

He tells engaging tales from his wrestling career that have influenced his life as a father and a man. Cody tells personal stories of special connections he’s made with his wrestling fans and his decision to be a positive influence in his community through his charity campaign – “Giv’er for Charity.”

Youth take away the realization that they all have the power to influence those around them. It’s up to them whether they want to be a positive or negative influence in the world. Cody encourages all youth to choose the power of positive influences. (45-60 mins in length)


  • "Cody Deaner has been the favourite keynote speaker at our Grade 9 Boys Conference for several years. He quickly captivates his audience with the stories and experiences he shares. Throughout his presentation, Cody encourages students to set goals, follow their dreams, and persevere when life throws curve balls. His humour, passion, and enthusiasm enable him to easily connect to the students he's working with. We look forward to having Cody back again next year!"Meg Mattingley, Teacher, East Elgin Secondary School
  • "Cody is a dynamic and energetic speaker who connects with his audience through personal storytelling. His message of 'dream big' and 'put in the work' and 'don’t be afraid to try something new' was perfect for our students!"Laurie Langford, ​Teacher, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
  • "Cody's message was excellent and the students loved him! He engaged everyone with humour and his amazing storytelling skills. I highly recommend him for any school community."Esther Wendel-Caraher, Principal, Sparta Public School
  • "Cody was one of the most impactful speakers I’ve heard! His ability to quickly connect with the students, hold their attention, and keep them engaged for the entire hour was most impressive. His message of going for a goal, working hard to get it, and helping others along the way is one our students will not forget! Cody is a ‘must-see’ for any student, but made a particularly strong impression on our young men."Jennifer Woodburn, Teacher, Saint André Bessette Catholic High School

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