Maryanne Oketch

CBS Survivor Winner and Storyteller

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience, Women's Leadership
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Elementary, Faith-Based, Middle/High School, University/College


Playing the Game of Life

On the 42nd season of Survivor, Maryanne played a game that allowed her to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast the other contestants and gain the title of Sole Survivor. But what skillset did Maryanne use to achieve her success, and are they useful outside of the microcosm of Survivor? In this talk, Maryanne will discuss how what strategies she used to succeed, and show how the skillset of survivor can be transferred into your everyday life.

Embracing Fear

Everyone is afraid of something. When we think about fear, we usually think of fears that can be easily avoided, such as the fear of heights, spiders, or public speaking. What is not usually talked about are the fears that may affect the way you navigate your professional development, such as the fear of failure, or even the fear of making the wrong decision. If we are unprepared when we encounter these fears, we might let opportunities slip away. In this talk, Maryanne will share her experiences about facing her fears, both big and small, and will empower those who are listening to acknowledge their fears and conquer them.

Anti-Black Racism

As we become more aware of the inequalities that members of minority communities face, it is important to understand what the systemic issues are that lead to injustice. In this talk, Maryanne will draw from her personal life experiences to help break down what anti-black racism is and explain the subtle effects anti-black racism has in media, institutions, and in personal life.

Overcoming Adversity

What is Adversity? Drawing from experiences from her life, Maryanne will explore what Adversity is, and will provide the audience with tools and strategies that they can use to succeed in any situation that they might face.

Authenticity and Being True to Yourself

When growing up, we are always told to be our authentic self, and to be who we are, but what does that mean? Drawing from her experiences in life, Maryanne will explore the ways that you can discover your true personality, and allow yourself to shine in whatever situation that you are placed in.

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Dave Jonsson

Professional Skateboarder and Plane Crash Survivor

Topics: Bullying, Faith/Religion - Christian Based, Leadership Development, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience, Stress and Anxiety Management
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Elementary, Faith-Based, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


The Brilliance of Resilience - Keynote

The attitude of resiliency is foundational to any success story. In fact, in order to succeed, we first must fall and make mistakes. It’s the pathway to growth and experience. Using his skateboard as a tool to communicate this truth, Dave takes the audience on a vibrant journey of his life. He shares his story of surviving a plane crash as well as some practical principles on how to leverage seasons of pain to gain a greater perspective. The audience will leave encouraged and challenged to dig deep and find an attitude of resiliency within themselves that they previously didn’t know was there.

Age range: Elementary, Middle School, High school, College, Corporate, Educators.

Kindness Counts - Keynote

What do you want to be remembered for in life? Even though your job, health, and money may seem like the most important things, are they really? No matter who you are, what you will be remembered for the most is how you treated those around you. That’s why Kindness Counts! In this presentation, Dave shares stories of immigrating from Iceland and experiencing the feeling of being an outsider. If it hadn’t been for the kindness of those around him, he wouldn’t be the same person he is today! Dave uses the art of storytelling to show how kindness is the one thing that counts most in life.

Age range: Elementary, Middle School, High school, College, Corporate, Educators.

Leave Life Empty - Workshop

One proverb says, “For I have been poured out like a drink offering, and the time for my departure is near. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race!” That’s an interesting thing to say, to be poured out, empty! You see, the point of life is not to finish full of dreams, and full of ambition, but empty! Les Brown once said, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.” What is the lasting contribution you can make to this planet and to those around you? What is your talent? In this workshop, Dave challenges students and leaders alike to live their lives with service in mind. Using hands-on tools and engaging applications, students will leave challenged to give life their all, investing their talent into the betterment of others.

Age range: Elementary, Middle School, High school, College, Corporate, Educators.

TRUST: Build Bridges, Not Breaches - Workshop

It has been said that “trust is the currency of every relationship.” In today’s world, where trust is the foundation of meaningful connections, Dave’s workshop titled “TRUST: Build Bridges, Not Breaches” centers around the essential pillars that contribute to building and maintaining trust. Consistency, Transparency, Competency, and Empathy serve as the core pillars in fostering strong connections and nurturing trust.

Regardless of your position or title, trust is an essential ingredient for success. Through thought-provoking discussions, interactive exercises, and real-life examples, Dave provides practical tools and strategies to enhance your ability to cultivate trust across various areas of life. Whether you are a leader, a professional, or someone seeking to deepen personal connections, this workshop equips you with the knowledge and skills to establish and nurture trust in all your relationships.


Speaker Testimonials

Today we had Dave come in and speak to our students and the presentation was exactly what we hoped for – more in fact. Dave’s message on the power of kindness and resiliency was expertly woven through the story of his life. While telling us about his experiences surviving a plane crash, being a newcomer to Canada, and a little bit of world history, Dave highlighted the power of being kind and the power of being resilient. Dave’s message resonates so loudly with our school values but it was Dave’s public speaking ability that had our students captivated the second they entered the gym. Walking in and seeing a professional skateboarder doing tricks as they entered set the tone for what was to be, a wonderful experience to bring our community together. Dave’s excellent public speaking skills then took our audience on a wonderful journey through his story – all the while having the audience hanging on every word. Dave’s presentation was a dynamic way to start off our year.

Darren Stewart, Principal of Pitt River Middle School

Today we had Dave in to speak to the entire school in our gym. As the students entered our gym and saw Dave doing some tricks on his skateboard their energy level went up and the student’s attention was his. Throughout his presentation and the telling of his stories, the students were engaged and interested in what he had to say. Dave’s message was fantastic and very important for our students and staff to hear. His closing stunt left the kids cheering and wanting to see more. We all thoroughly enjoyed Dave’s presentation as his message was relative, passionate, and honest.

Brad Downey, Principal at Scott Creek Middle School, Coquitlam BC

As a youth recreation worker, I have been given the opportunity to witness Dave Jonsson speak and connect with youth. Dave has the natural ability to engage an audience and motivate them to be the best versions of themselves. He really is a true inspiration!

Carissa Keenan, Manager at Greg Moore Youth Centre
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Nadia Ladak

Youth Entrepreneurship Speaker and Co-Founder and CEO of Marlow

Topics: College and Career Prep, Entrepreneurship, Environmental and Global Issues, Motivation and Inspiration, Women's Leadership
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


Keynote - Becoming a Youth Entrepreneur: Finding a Problem You're Passionate About Solving (High School, University, Corporate)

In this keynote, Nadia discusses her journey building her startup Marlow from a school project to a fast growing investor backed startup. She candidly shares her experience as a young entrepreneur and how it all stemmed from finding a problem she was determined to solve. Students will walk away feeling inspired and motivated to think about how they can tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Keynote - Finding a Non-Traditional Career Path: Becoming a Youth Entrepreneur at 22 (High School, University)

In high school and university, there is a lot of pressure to find the “perfect” career path. After switching from a music degree to a business program, and going from management consulting to starting her own business, Nadia shares her career journey with students and shows them that it’s ok to not know what’s next. This inspiring and motivating talk will ensure students walk away with key insights on how to decide what’s next for them.

Keynote - Embracing Fear

Nadia started her career working in a stable corporate job. Just one year later, she quit that cushy job to jump in to work full-time on her startup Marlow. This talk goes through Nadia’s entrepreneurial journey, her lessons learned, and how she embraced fear throughout her entire time as a 25 year old entrepreneur.

Keynote - Building a Community-Driven Brand (Corporate)

Designed for corporate professionals, this keynote covers what it takes to build a digitally savvy brand perfect for the modern Gen Z consumer. Through organic content marketing and effective storytelling, Nadia has grown her startup Marlow’s online community to 50,000 individuals. In this workshop, she will share the key principles to building a strong online presence around your brand.

Workshop - Navigating the Innovation Process

In this interactive workshop, students or corporate professionals will go through a design-thinking workshop and explore all of the principles of innovation. After this workshop, individuals will feel empowered to think differently, identify problems in their workplaces or schools, and go through a process to find effective solutions.


Speaker Testimonials

“Nadia openly shares her journey as a young entrepreneur and it’s truly so inspiring. Our students are still talking about it and some have already emailed her about potential internship opportunities because they want to work for Marlow! They were all just so moved by her story.”

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Kwame Osei

Former CFL Player, Amazing Race Finalist, Resilience, Mental Health and DEI expert

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Mental Health, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College



Kwame uses the art of storytelling from his life to inspire his audience to overcome the adversity in life. Kwame urges his audience to understand that after stress comes success and from struggle comes strength. Kwame teaches his audience tools to help manage change and uncertainty. Kwame has learned this through the course of his life, as he overcame the negative environment he lived in. He overcame the stereotypes placed on him, countless situations in which he could have easily lost his life or been incarcerated. Kwame believes that perspective is everything and having the right mindset can change your inner and outer world. Kwame urges his audiences to not only find their passion but to also place themselves in the right environment to truly grow to their full potential. Find out how Kwame turned his obstacles into triumphs and turned lead into gold.

Keynote/Workshop: DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION (Teens and Adults)

In this presentation Kwame will dive into personal stories involving inclusion and diversity. Kwame will breakdown macroaggressions using his personal experiences while also teaching his audience to be aware of macroaggressions and unconscious bias. Kwame opens up about the trauma inducing experiences he has had in his life due to race and discrimination and the negative impact it has had on his mental health. In this presentation Kwame thoroughly explains what an inclusive work space looks like, and he teaches his audience how to create a diverse environment in order to produce cultural competence and cultural understanding. Book Kwame now and find out how you can create a culture that permeates inclusion and diversity.

Keynote/Workshop: MINDSET HACK - GROWTH MINDSET (Teens and Adults)

Kwame will help his audience understand that the differences between successful people and unsuccessful people is simply the way they perceive the events of life. Kwame acknowledges that dealing with internal and external change can be difficult and hard to manage. Kwame will teach his audience how to embrace change and find comfort in the midst of chaos. In this presentation Kwame will breakdown the importance of having a growth mindset and how your life can be completely altered in a positive way if you choose to have a positive mindset. In order to overcome adversity you must have a growth mindset which will build the resilience you need to never give up when life becomes challenging. Kwame passionately believes that perception is everything in life. Book Kwame now and find out how his perception helped him at critical times in his life.


There are many young learners who fall through the cracks of the education system, these learners are often the ones who can be deemed frustrating and challenging to work with for educators. Kwame was once this child and almost fell through the cracks however today Kwame has gone on to become an educator. He has worked in education for a school board for 8 years in Alberta and now teaches at a Federal Maximum Penitentiary in Ontario. Kwame compares and contrasts the duality of these experiences and provides educators with a new perspective on how to approach the unconventional learner.


In this impactful presentation, Kwame Osei bravely shares his own mental health journey, shedding light on the importance of prioritizing mental well-being. With a compassionate understanding of the impact of traumatic experiences, Kwame equips his audience with practical tools to support their mental health. Kwame recognizes the prevalence of silent battles with anxiety, stress, and depression in our society. With heartfelt conviction, he emphasizes the critical need for individuals to have someone to talk to, as the silence surrounding mental health struggles can be the most detrimental. Kwame aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and dismantle the stereotypes that have deceived us. He offers solutions for individuals on how to better manage themselves and their peers amidst any crisis.

Kwame Osei opens a conversation about mental health, providing a safe and supportive space for his audience to address their own struggles from an unbias, real and relatable perspective. Through his empathetic approach, he encourages individuals to prioritize their mental well-being, offering actionable strategies and resources to nurture their mental health. He brings attention to the necessary actions and mindsets we can take to transform mental health and prioritize it in our lives. Through a preventative approach, break the silence, remove the stigma, and create a society that values and supports mental well-being. Take the first step toward a healthier and happier future by prioritizing your mental health to reduce the negative impacts it causes in our life.

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Carla Cuglietta

Global Leadership Speaker and Executive Director of YoungLeaders.World

Topics: College and Career Prep, Improving Social Climate and School Culture, Leadership Development, Social Impact, Women's Leadership
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Faith-Based, Middle/High School, University/College


Leadership is a Mindset - Keynote

Leadership changes everything. Literally.

It allows us to set a new direction for where we want to go and then helps us get there. For the past 22 years, Carla has been dedicated to working around the world to improve the lives of women and girls through leadership and education. Through this work, she has partnered with several grassroots leaders to create powerful change for themselves and their communities.

In this presentation, Carla will weave together emotional and inspirational stories from Canada, Mexico, India and Sierra Leone. Gain a clear understanding of the importance of a leadership mindset, how to set a vision for their lives and how to affect positive change in the world.

Leading Gen-Z - Keynote

After two decades of working with youth as an educator, and years of experience as the executive director of YoungLeaders.World, Carla shares some key insights on the differences we are seeing in Gen Z.   This session is for those who teach, manage, supervise, lead projects and engage youth.

The Future of Education – Keynote

What does it take to get young people ready for an unknown future? This is a question that weighs on students around the world.

Join Carla to explore her research findings from a 12 month, 12 country study to understand education and the changing nature of work. Her goal was to discover how to best prepare our youth for a fast-changing world. And, her findings? That four fundamental challenges will define the coming years of education. As well, that the future is bright, solutions are possible, and that we can quickly become poised to lead the future of education.

Our education systems are not broken, but they are ready for change.  Carla will share her insights into the need to shift education to have a leadership focus, make this session thought provoking, exciting, and actionable.

Vision and Values - Keynote

See it. Believe it. Work to make it so.

Carla will share powerful and inspirational stories from grassroots leaders from all over the world who understood how to make their visions come to life.  Over 22 years of global leadership learning packed into this awe inspiring keynote. Leadership lessons centred around vision setting, values and overcoming barriers will leave you inspired to take action to make your own vision come to life.

Vision Writing and Goal Setting - Workshop (Age Range - 15-25)

This workshop will walk you through a series of inspirational stories and thought provoking activities to help you set and realize your vision for your life. Then, find out how to turn that vision into an actionable plan.

Student Leadership Strategic Planning - Workshop

What does it feel like to walk through your hallways? What do you want it to feel like?  Carla will facilitate a planning session for your student leadership team (or staff) to help make a plan centered around building the culture and feel of your school.

Vision, Mission and Values - Workshop

In this session, Carla will help students or staff get clear on how to articulate the values of the school, then set value-aligned events to bring them to life. Paint the vision and understand how to share the deeper mission of your school or staff.

Leading Next-Gen - Workshop

After two decades of working with youth as an educator, and years of experience as the executive director of YoungLeaders.World, Carla shares some key insights on the differences we are seeing in Gen Z.  This session is for those who teach, manage, supervise, lead projects and engage youth. Carla will share research and 5 key findings that can help people who work with youth better understand how the differences in Gen-Z. This session is perfect for teachers or employees working with young people.

Communication - Workshop

Carla will provide a workshop full of great tools to help you navigate different types of conversations with your teams. Learn how to give feedback for performance and how to prepare for and have difficult conversations with confidence and clarity. This session will have lots of time for practising tools and scenarios in a safe space.


Speaker Testimonials

“Carla was amazing, organized, engaged, prepared and knowledgable. She was very accommodating of our needs and delivered. I left appreciating the importance of engaging youth and I was motivated to do more.”

Pauline Clark - Social Planner, The City of Airdrie, Airdrie, AB

“This talk was very inspiring! It made me feel like I can accomplish those goals just like I saw in the presentation!”

Markus - Student, Dan Knott Junior High School, Edmonton, AB
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Swish Goswami

CEO at Surf, Investor, Author, 4-Time TEDx Speaker and LinkedIn Top Voice

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Mental Health, Motivation and Inspiration
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Elementary, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


You Inc

In this talk Swish will teach you how to cultivate your personal brand which you have whether you want it or not. By sharing the dos and don’ts behind engage and effective social storytelling on various platforms including his favourite platform LinkedIn, Swish will help you build a community while perfecting social storytelling, networking and selling yourself. This talk is ideal for those in Corporate, Universities/Colleges and Educators/Staff.

Starting a high growth company from scratch

Swish will candidly talk about the early days of building his company Surf and how they ended up raising over $5M from world class investors. Swish will share his entire playbook on how to start a business (everything from conceptualizing an idea, finding your co-founder, getting early customer feedback, landing your first customers, etc). This is a tactical talk for those that are interested in starting their first business. The talk also touches on aspects of Swish’s bestselling book “The Young Entrepreneur” which he published with Kogan Page.

Managing your mental health

Swish has dealt with anxiety for the last few years. Through his experience doing therapy as well as talking to others around him that suffer from anxiety, Swish will candidly talk about why everyone should be focused on their mental health, what people can do to manage it everyday and what limitations our minds put on us (ex. fear of not doing enough, fear of what others will think, etc). This is a talk that will directly aim to engage with audience members on an emotional level.

Speaker Testimonials

Swish is, without exaggeration, a one-in-a-million type of leader who clearly has a fantastic future…”


“It wouldn’t surprise me if this kid one day becomes Prime Minister. Swish hunted me down and interviewed me on ideas around success. It was wonderful meeting one of our best and brightest up & coming young minds.”

Michael Hyatt, former Dragon on Dragons’ Den
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If comfortable, please use a personal email as many school boards have blocked external emails.

Cara Filler

Youth Motivational Speaker and Prevention Specialist

Topics: Goal Setting, Improving Social Climate and School Culture, Leadership Development, Resilience
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


The Drive to Save Lives Tour

Through this eye-opening presentation on traffic safety and risk taking, and peer pressure, Cara inspires students to stand up for themselves and their friends, have a good time safely and make better life-changing decisions. With entertaining, relevant and powerful messages, Cara encourages students to speak up and own the Power of Choice. #ISpokeup This is Cara’s most requested presentation.

Driven: Rules of the Road to Success

Life is a journey, and Cara gives students a road map to navigate through it’s speed bumps and roadblocks. Students learn how to create their own GPS (Game Plan for Success!), develop an unstoppable drive forward and the secrets of getting in the express lane to success.

Let’s get R.E.A.L

In this fast-paced presentation, Cara gets students Really Excited About Leadership. Students walk away with real answers to real questions, like what defines a true leader and how to be one, what L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. stands for and how to make a positive, lasting difference in their schools and communities.

Canada’s Next Top Role Model

Do you have what it takes to be Canada’s Next Top Role Model? During this workshop, students go through extensive training to learn the characteristics of role models and how to be one, how to make a big difference by doing little things, and how to “walk” the role model talk. Interactive fun role model runway show at the end will keep students laughing for days.


Speaker Testimonials

“There are very few speakers who have the ability to relate to a student audience as Cara does. Cara’s passion and commitment to her message is obvious, and her ability to connect with a student audience is outstanding!”

D. Conlon, Communications Director, Canadian Student Leadership Association

“Cara Filler holds the perfect recipe for addressing serious issues in a memorable, relevant way with today’s young people… empathy, levity, authority and an unconditional pure interest in the choices and safety of those in her audience.”

L. England, Student Council Advisor, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA, USA

“Cara reaches and touches the life of every person in the room. She is an energetic, engaging, honest, humourous, and motivating speaker and passionate about educating students to make better choices. Her 4 P’s can save your life.”

D. Deacon. Principal, Burlington High School, Boston, MA, USA

“Today I was one of the thousands of students you inspired. I hope I can embrace your story and lesson for the rest of my life, and I hope you can continue to teach the world and spread your positive message. To be honest, I didn’t think today’s assembly would be anything special, but you proved me wrong. It makes a difference. Thank you, it was humorous, emotional, touching and inspirational.”

Tyler S., High School Student
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If comfortable, please use a personal email as many school boards have blocked external emails.

Dillon Mendes

Entrepreneur and Strategy Consultant

Topics: College and Career Prep, Entrepreneurship, Improving Social Climate and School Culture, Motivation and Inspiration, Social Impact
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Elementary, Faith-Based, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


Creating a Positive Impact-Driven Culture - Youth Keynote

Ideal for: School Assembly, Keynote Address, Leadership or Business Conference, Welcome Back Event

Overview: Many young people struggle to believe they can make a difference in their school community and create a positive school culture. In this keynote, Dillon shares three major lessons he has learned over the past number of years regarding making an impact. Firstly, the importance for young people to be their true authentic selves in a society that promotes herd behaviour. Secondly, Dillon showcases the power of what can happen when a community comes together to achieve a common goal. Lastly, he helps young people understand that individuals thrive off belonging and connection. Dillon uses storytelling, humour, and motivation in this keynote to drive these points home and educate students in a fun and engaging way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to start making a difference in their communities
  • Recognize that authenticity, belonging, and connection is the foundation of community engagement
  • Learn the necessity to seek discomfort to grow as an individual
  • Understand the power young students can have on their community

Crafting your Pathway - Youth, Parent Keynote

Ideal for: School Assembly, Keynote Address, SHSM, Careers Conference

Overview: Given the vast amount of post-secondary options young people have, a large percentage of teenagers struggle to believe they can find their place in our society after high school. In this keynote, Dillon shares lessons he has learned over the past number of years regarding pathway discernment. Firstly, young people should choose the correct path for themselves instead of satisfying other people’s opinions. Secondly, Dillon shares the necessity for students to set an aim in their life to attain, as that is what can give life meaning. Lastly, he shares the need for each student to feel a sense of belonging in their community regardless of their path. This keynote is filled with personal anecdotes, research, and humour!

Key Takeaways:

  • Seek clarity when choosing potential post-secondary pathways
  • Gain perspective and relieve some of the stresses of post-secondary discernment
  • Understand the importance of being a part of a community after graduation
  • Realizing that choosing the correct path comes down to trying and doing different jobs as opposed to reading/pondering

The Ambitious New Hire - Corporate Keynote

Ideal for: Intern Orientation, New Hire Onboarding, Keynote Address, Leadership or Business Conference

Overview: When Dillon studied finance at the University of Waterloo, he completed 3 coop terms working in Advisory at Deloitte, Technology Consulting at KPMG, and Growth and Operations at DarwinAI. After graduating from the University of Waterloo, he was hired as a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte. When working at each company, Dillon always tried to move the needle by challenging the status quo using his entrepreneurial background. In this keynote, Dillon shares the importance for new hires to become intrapreneurs and challenge the status quo, build a mindset of resilience, and always bring new ideas to the table, regardless of their position/tenure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be empowered to share new perspectives and challenge the status quo
  • Understand that leadership is not a status, but an action
  • Recognize the importance of building a resilient mindset

Student Leadership Reinvented - Youth Workshop

Ideal for: Student Leadership Workshop, Leadership Conference, Session with Leadership Students after School-Wide Keynote

Overview: As a former Camp Director, Managing Director of UWAC (Canada’s largest student-run accounting conference), and the Co-founder of a youth-led national movement, Dillon understands the intricacies of student leadership in communities and aims to teach students about his 5 pillars of effective student leadership. Students often have great ideas but are unable to turn those thoughts into actions. Dillon explains how change stems from serving a community and takes students on a journey inward, where he shows them how to lead themselves, so they can effectively lead others and create an impact in their communities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breakthrough society’s conditioning of thinking small
  • Understand how to leverage social proof to change the culture of your organization
  • Learn how to change one’s perspective to increase performance and overcome challenges
  • Recognize how consistency and grit can help foster change

The Effective Communicator - Youth, Corporate, Educators, Parents Workshop

Ideal for: Leadership Conferences, Educators, Businesses, Public Speaking Classes, SHSM

Overview: Growing up, Dillon despised public speaking, mainly due to the severe stutter he had for 12 years of his life. He had trouble speaking to 1 person, let alone the thousands he speaks to now. Without the help of speech therapists or speaking coaches, Dillon overcame and got rid of his speech impediment and is now a TEDx speaker who travels across North America speaking to thousands of young people annually. He is the perfect example showcasing that anyone can become an effective communicator.

In this workshop, Dillon explains the strategies he used to become such a renowned communicator and face his fear of public speaking. These include the importance of storytelling, vocal mastery, the art of persuasion, and non-verbal communication. Whether Dillon is speaking to a group of developers at a tech firm, or a group of students/educators who desire to improve their speaking ability to become more influential, this workshop is transferable to multiple audiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the art of effective storytelling to capture the attention of a group
  • Recognize how to master your vocals to keep an audience engaged
  • Understand the importance of non-verbal communication skills
  • Discover how to conquer your fear of public speaking

Speaker Testimonials

“Loved the way Dillon formed a personal connection with each audience member while sharing his message in a fun and enthusiastic way! He used humour and storytelling to convince me to start taking action that matters.”

D. Rege, University Student

“He was so well put together! I loved the stories that he shared and how he made them so relatable to our students. I highly recommend Dillon to speak at other universities and entrepreneurship programs.”

P. Trotter, Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

“Dillon shared a very relevant and inspirational message that really resonated with myself and our students. I loved his key message that how every single person can make a small difference and together we can have a huge impact in our world.”

K. Marschuetz, Teacher, Millen Woods Public School, Waterloo, ON

“I loved his ability to share his story and it felt like he actually created a conversation with me while he was speaking. He helped me understand the importance of just starting something, even when I don’t have every step planned out!”

C. Dukes, University Student
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If comfortable, please use a personal email as many school boards have blocked external emails.

Sarah Wells

Olympian and Founder of the Believe Initiative

Topics: Improving Social Climate and School Culture, Leadership Development, Mental Health, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


The Pursuit Of Excellence: How to find significance in the obstacles you face - Keynote (Grades 6+)

Whatever your goal is, there is a path to take you there. The path won’t always be easy, but the journey will always be worth it. This was certainly true for Olympian Sarah Wells, who encountered roadblock after roadblock on her path to athletic success. The podium has always been the destination, however, it was the challenging moments in-between that made Sarah the champion she is today. Sarah’s pursuit to multiple Olympic Games is the perfect example of what it means to relentlessly pursue your goals to not only to achieve success, but also find significance in the obstacles you face. Audience members will leave with the tools to positively reframe their mindset, surround themselves with the right support, and understand that hard work won’t always lead to success, but being resilient will always lead to another opportunity for it.

Overcoming Hurdles: 10 tactics to build resilience in you and your team - Keynote (Grades 6+)

Resilience isn’t just for when times get tough. It is a daily practice we can build into our lives so that when we need it most, we have the tools and the skills to be able to exercise our resilience. Many of us can find it challenging to train something that feels so intangible, but in this keynote Sarah walks through actionable daily steps to build your resilience muscle, along with how we can encourage and support our team members to do the same.

Redefine Success: How to see the success in your everyday - Workshop (Grades 4+)

We often view success by our ability to set a goal and then achieve that desired outcome. We may define ourselves by what we do, and what awards we have won – but that is not the only definition of success. While results are important, it is equally important to create a mechanism that keeps us motivated and inspired along the way. Sometimes goals change, sometimes unforeseen circumstances come into play, and through all that, we can remain resilient by redefining success with a success criteria. By the end of this workshop, you will learn a process on how to create that criteria and leave with a rubric to measure your future pursuits.

The Power of Habit: Habits, Discipline and Time Management - Workshop (Grades 4+)

This workshop will discuss the importance of discipline and habit building in order to achieve your desired life-style. Participants will be challenged to reflect on their goals and the choices they are making that are either enabling or inhibiting their progress. By the end of this workshop participants will have two positive commitments they agree to hold themselves to and the plan to stay accountable.

Recharge Your Batteries: How to ensure we effectively use our energy - Workshop (Grades 4+)

In this workshop participants are challenged to take an energy audit of their life. Participants discover where they are spending their time and energy and how to make improvements to better serve the goals they have in mind. By the end of this workshop, participants will have a self-designed recharging plan that they can apply proactively to avoid burnout or apply in moments where they feel overwhelmed

Share Your Story: How to leverage your experiences and create your signature story - Workshop (Grades 4+)

One of the best ways to ensure people remember you or your ideas is to use stories that help them connect to you. Yet, we often shy away from sharing our story because we assume it will look self congratulatory or people just won’t care. Whether you are in a leadership role or act as an individual contributor you should have your “signature story” that you can leverage to showcase skills, values, achievements, as well as connect and motivate others! In this session you will learn some basics of powerful storytelling, why it’s important, and you’ll walk away with the foundation of your signature story.

Leverage Your Network: How to build your dream team - Workshop (Grades 4+)

Most superstars have an incredible team helping them operate at a high level. We know support systems are important yet many of us do not spend any intentional time figuring out what that support system should like and how we can foster it. In this session we’ll walk through how to intentionally design your dream team of support by auditing your network and knowing who to ask for help, and how!

Action Plans: Building Action Plans for High Performance - Workshop (Grades 4+)

No matter the goal, a strong action plan can be the difference between aimless action and architected achievement. Olympian Sarah Wells will take us through the principals that helped build her Olympic training plans, and how we can apply that to our own aspirations.

Empathy - Workshop (Grades 4+)

Empathy is an important part of connecting with others. Inside this workshop you will reflect deeply on the elements of empathy and be equipped with tactics for your toolkit. You will also practice these tactics with others and begin to explore how you can turn empathy into impact.

Integrity - Workshop (Grades 4+)

When we treat ourselves with integrity and respect we increase our chances of happier and healthier relationships. In this workshop you will define what is your personal brand of integrity and how you can use trust and the L.A.K.E effect to build more integrity into your life.

Confidence - Workshop (Grades 4+)

In this workshop students will define their comfort zones and explore ways to expand that zone. Students will reflect on the people, places, and things that make them feel most confident, and create a plan to take action, try new things, and fill their lives with the things that make them feel their best!


Speaker Testimonials

“Sarah is an inspiration to not only athletes, but to all of us overcoming life’s obstacles. Her motto “Believe” is something we should all remember in those challenging moments. Thank you Sarah, you are an inspiration. “

John Jelaca, Teacher, Ellwood Memorial Public School

“Sarah had the audience connected to her quickly and kept them engaged throughout. Her story is adaptable to the key experiences all of us have as we face challenges. Since we were focusing on Mental Health – specifically Resiliency – her message was both entertaining and pertinent. Having seen her before, we knew she would be a perfect match for the conference theme.”

K. Patterson, Iroquois Ridge High School, Oakville, ON

“Sarah is an inspiration to not only athletes, but to all of us overcoming life’s obstacles. Her motto “Believe” is something we should all remember in those challenging moments. Thank you Sarah, you are an inspiration.”

John Jelaca, Teacher, Ellwood Memorial Public School

“It was a delight to have you inspire my key business partners in fall of 2015. You were able to effectively connect with this group of Investment Advisors drawing from your experiences on and off the track. The parallels drawn between high performance sport and high performance living made an impact on everyone in the room. Your warm smile, infectious energy and the depth of your story kept everyone engaged and left us motivated and determined. “

Greg Jizmejian, Vice President, BMO Nesbitt Burns

“Sarah came to speak to my Sport Nutrition and Exercise Prescription for Sport class this semester at George Brown College. When word got out around the college that Sarah was coming, the entire Fitness and Wellness program, including faculty, showed up for her talk. Everyone was so impressed by her belief in herself, tenacity and journey to the Olympics. Sarah also touched on her nutrition, training and the biomechanics of running to gear the talk to what the students were learning in class. Sarah is an inspirational person and an amazing speaker and I would definitely recommend her for speaking engagements! ”

Dr. Aisling Lanigan, N.D., BSc. George Brown College
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If comfortable, please use a personal email as many school boards have blocked external emails.

Nick Foley

Keynote speaker, Facilitator, Teacher, Coach, Entrepreneur

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Motivation and Inspiration, Resilience
Audiences: Corporate, Educators/Staff, Middle/High School, Parents, University/College


How Do You Want to Be Remembered? - High School/Post Secondary/Corporate

Nick will leave both your student and teacher audiences inspired to take action as he speaks about the journey he and his family are on to create an inclusive environment for his daughter.

This message is illustrated through real life stories that will leave the audience laughing as well as thinking about the legacy they are creating. This presentation illustrates that inclusion without bias is what will fundamentally contribute to eradicating hate and building a lasting inclusive culture in your work community. Nick pulls from the life lessons he learned while cycling 8312 km from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NFLD on his Move for Inclusion journey to raise awareness about Inclusion. Nick shares with the audience that if ‘your why for doing something is big enough, then the how you do it will always show up.’ He shares practical approaches to fostering the most inclusive work place possible by offering insights and tips on how to propagate a diverse workplace through his years of working in the inclusion and diversity space.

Teaching the Exceptional Child - Teachers, teacher colleges, teacher conferences

This workshop is for teachers K-12 and is centred around how to make your classroom inclusive, as well as how to effectively communicate with the parents of the exceptional children in your classroom. Nick brings years of teaching experience, as well as being a Dad to his daughter Brynn who has Down Syndrome. This insightful workshop will give teachers the tools to effectively communicate with students as well as parents. (Ideal for teachers and students in Teachers college)

The Cadence Effect - Corporate, High School College Workshop

Nick will work with your business or organization on how to align your aspirations with application as well as how to measure days and months, so you are getting the most out of each day.

Nick offers 2-hour, half-day and full-day options ideal for all types of businesses, organizations and teachers. 


Speaker Testimonials

“Nick’s talk was straight from the heart. Bayside students were riveted during his story about Brad and participated wholeheartedly during the interactive parts of the presentation. I believe that the overall message of the importance of responsible decision making truly resonated with students. Nick’s youthful enthusiasm and ability to connect with his audience were amazing!”

Emily Young - Bayside High School

“Nick was an overwhelming hit and was able to reach our students with his interactive and engaging approach.He has a unique ability to connect with students and staff and inspire them to be instruments of change. Nick’s presentation struck a chord with our students in a personal and reflective manner. His message will follow our students for many years to come. At the end, our students walked away feeling empowered to take a stand against bullying and positively impact our community.”

Gloria Hackett - ST Theresa's Catholic Secondary

“We need to say “Thank You.” You were perfect timing, and you spoke, touched and changed many lives yesterday. Our senior teachers have said it was the best message in their long careers. “

Daniel, Teacher, Sussex High School
More Information


If comfortable, please use a personal email as many school boards have blocked external emails.