Carla Cuglietta

Carla Cuglietta

Born in Canada, and making waves around the world, meet Carla Cuglietta; one of the country’s most dynamic young female leaders.

As an educator and humanitarian, Carla has initiated and led substantial global projects in India, Sierra Leone, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, China, and Uganda. She is also the co-founder of YoungLeaders.World, a global not-for-profit that has conducted leadership training with over 11,000 students from over 40 countries.

Her mission of ‘helping people, help people’ started at age 16, and has become a lifelong pursuit. That’s why her stories resonate with audiences of all ages. Having worked alongside some of world’s extraordinary Changemakers, Carla’s experiences are living proof we can all make a difference, you can start at any age, and together we can build a better world.

Carla was recently awarded the Prime Minster’s Certificate of Achievement, the University of Alberta Alumni of Distinction, and the Me to We Educators award for her work in engaging youth in Canada. As well, she received the YWCA Woman of Distinction, and the Lions Club International Humanitarian award for her humanitarian and leadership work around the world.

    When Carla isn’t travelling the world, she calls Edmonton, Alberta home.

Carla Cuglietta Speech Titles & Descriptions

For Students:

Leadership is a Mindset, Not a Status

Leadership is a mindset, not a status. That’s why being who you are – exactly where you are – is the perfect time and place to start being a leader.

Over the last 20 years, Carla has traveled the world to personally learn from some of extraordinary leaders. Ordinary people who have had massive impact, people who have created incredible change for themselves and their communities. Carla will share powerful, inspirational stories from all over the world and share the mindset of leadership in a way that empowers, unifies and uplifts.

Personal Leadership and Vision Setting

You can either lead life, or life will lead you.

In this presentation Carla will undoubtedly demonstrate the power of setting a vision for your future and show how engagement is the key to unlocking a better future for yourself and those around you. Carla will weave stories from around the world together with important life leadership lessons. Participants will leave with a clear idea of the importance of personal leadership and getting involved in their community.

*Student Council workshop available; aimed at developing leadership skills in your student leadership teams

For Educators/Organizations:

The Power of Education

Education changes the world. It always has.

Carla’s unique involvement in grassroot educational movements in Sierra Leone, Uganda, and India has changed communities and improved the lives of families for generations to come. And the lesson is not a world away; it’s right within you. Education lifts people up, and there are no boundaries to your classroom. Leave inspired with a new understanding for the power of education, and how to use this power to impact your life and your community.

Engaging Next-Gen

What if the single biggest factor shaping the future success of our young people is whether or not we can engage them? In fact, studies are pointing to findings just like that.

It appears that if people lean into their future, the way forward looks bright. If they don’t, quite the opposite. Engagement creates a fork in the road, and the challenge is many are taking the wrong turn. Engagement and attitudes towards changed in young people.  This we know. The questions become: what do we do about it? And how do we inspire a different way forward?

Join Carla as she offers practical tools and thinking she has gathered through working with thousands of young people to help uplift engagement within our next gen. Come with your questions. Leave motivated.


  • "Carla is an engaging speaker who does not speak from the heart but rather from her DNA. Her passion for what she does is part of every fiber in her body. Prepare to be a part of a wonderful journey with Carla."Patti Liogier - Past President, Edmonton Southgate Lions Club, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • "Carla Cuglietta is an outstanding speaker. She not only captivates a room she brings it to life! Her personal stories and experiences are unique, allowing her to be able to motivate and inspire diverse groups of people."Shana Fairbank - Teacher, St.Francis Xavier High School, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • "It's not the facts but rather the stories that Carla is able to share that make her a great speaker. Carla connects with the people she works with and then shares that connection with those around her. Carla truly walks the talk."Patti Liogier - Assistant Principal, Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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