The Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau is a group of professional Canadian motivational speakers that work together to bring powerful, inspirational and valuable messages to Canadians.

For so long there have been plenty of non-Canadian bureaus that heavily promote speakers. We believe that it’s time to celebrate and promote successful Canadians to our next generation of leaders. As a country we have a unique message that needs to be recognized and embraced.

All of our Speakers are Canadian and professional. They come from all different backgrounds. Entrepreneurship, entertainment, sports, overcoming obstacles and physical triumphs.

Canadians supporting Canadians. We also give back! A portion of every CYSB speaker booked will be given to the Canadian Student Leadership Association (CSLA). We want to ensure the future of Canada is bright!

Each of speakers are guaranteed to bring you a professional, empowering and entertaining message. If you feel that that the presentation did not meet your expectations we will refund your speech fee in full.

Our speakers are available to every Canadian Province and for every educational institution, conference and corporation.

For more information, please contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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